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Top Down Design Help - Patterns

Question asked by John Wayman on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by jason van clark

I am just looking into Envelope Parts as a sort of 'Skeleton' part to share geometry throughout an assembly.

As an example, I thought I would create an outline and a set of mounting holes.

In the envelope part, I first created a solid extruded boss the shape and size of the outline.

I created an axis at the intersection of 2 planes of the envelope part, then used the hole wizard to create a hole through the envelope part, based on a sketch showing its position on a diameter and an angle dimension. I then circular-patterned the hole feature around the axis.

I inserted the envelope part into my assembly and changed its properties to be an envelope.


First, I created my base part in my assembly, in context, using the outline of the envelope part and converting entities. I then made a hole in the base part and made its position coincident with the seed hole axis on the envelope part. My plan was to pattern the hole, using a sketch-driven pattern, based on the fact it was patterned in the envelope part. Sadly, the pattern was created with only one member, rather than the 6 in the envelope part.


How should I propagate a pattern of holes from the envelope part at the top of the assembly tree into one or more of the parts in the assembly? I realise I could have clicked on each of the envelope part holes individually, but where's the fun in that? My problem then would be that, when I came to fit fasteners into the patterned holes, I would have to click the individual holes for each fastener. I want to mate a fastener into the first of my holes and pattern the fastener.


There is, no doubt, a correct workflow for this process, but neither SW help nor Google has been much help.

If this question has been asked and answered before on this forum, I apologise, but I am unable to find a way of examining the suggested answers this forum produces, without opening each one separately. Life is too short. If I knew which sub-area of the forum the question had been asked in, I could navigate there and look, but who knows where it would be?


I have attached my assembly model for your information.


I look forward to receiving some good advice on the Top-Down Design workflow in Solidworks.


SW2014, SP5