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Does EPDM light come with SW 2016? I don't have the option to install it

Question asked by Jonathan Gourlie on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Jeff Mirisola

I had thought I read that there would be a light version of solidworks EPDM and that workgroup would likely be retired.  I am trying to install SW2016 SP0 right now and I have no option for installing EPDM light but I do have the option of installing workgroup PDM.  There is an information button that says no serial number is required, however when I try to install it asks for a serial number.


Basically my question is:

Is EPDM light available with SW2016 SP0?

If so, how do I install it?


Is Workgroup PDM going away and why does it say there is no serial number needed then request one prior to install?


See attached image to see dialog boxes about Workgroup