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    How to assign an IDispatch* element

    Joel Foo

      I'm trying to select a Face of a Feature in a Part document. I've gotten the Feature I wanted, but I can't seem to assign the Faces I get to my IFace object! Pardon my code and obvious lack of experience, I've only just learnt C++.


      CComPtr<SldWorks::IFace2> swFace;
        VARIANT facearr = swFeat->GetFaces(); //GetFaceCount() is correct, at 3. 
        SAFEARRAY* psa = V_ARRAY(&facearr); //Variant to SafeArray
        LPDISPATCH swFacep;
        hr = SafeArrayAccessData(psa, (void **)&swFacep); //SafeArray to array of IDispatch pointers. 


      At this point, I've tried the methods laid out in the Solidworks API help, but have gotten nowhere. To add: I've also tried


      swFacep[i]->QueryInterface(IID_IFace2, &swFace)


      But IID_IFace2 is undefined.


      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to proceed. I would be grateful for any help!