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Revision number not updated for all users

Question asked by Joe Shigenaga on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by Joe Shigenaga

Hi Everyone,


I have created a revision number system and it appears in data cards I have created. Then, I have created a workflow to increment the revision number.

Actually it looks working good : an user check in a file, ask for a new revision, the admin approve and the revision number increment by 1.


But, the problem is that only the admin has the revision number updated. The user who has checked in the file still has the old revision number in the data card. He needs to right click on the file and click on "get the latest version". (the option "always work with latest version of files" is checked)  


The strange thing is that if it's the admin who check in the file then there is no problem, the others user have the revision number updated as well.


I tried to find out the problem by changing users rights by still don't know why.


Can someone help me ?