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    Draftsight Fill Command Does Not Work

    Eric Anderson


      I am a new DraftSight  user. I have attached a drawing and I am attempting to fill in some circles I have drawn. I have followed the tutorial I found here:

      DraftSight Hatch/Fill Command Tutorial - YouTube

      When I follow the example exactly, the fill color never shows up. It is like nothing was ever done and nothing changes. My end goal is to fill in the text so I can print out this drawing and have solid text on it as opposed to outlined text that a note creates by default. My DraftSight version is 'V1R3.1 x64'. Thanks for any information.

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          Emerson Maki

          Rather then using fill, Have you tried using hatch? If you are looking for a solid background, that is an option you can choose under Pattern -> Sample -> Solid.


          Be sure your select your entities and make sure they are bounding. If you are just looking to make the circle a solid background, try just hatching one circle, then copying that hatch to all the other circles.


          Also be sure that the layer you create the hatch on is not turned off or frozen/hidden.