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    Engineering task list inside EPDM

    Brian Long

      OK, I need some help. My manager would like to create a "KPI" sheet for our design department.


      Is there a way to have a form that would collect the data being entered onto a single spreadsheet, appending all new data to the bottom of a single spreadsheet instead of creating a new one? I have created a distributed PDF form that collects all the data in a response file and I would like to move that process to EPDM.


      I hope that this makes sense. I have already reached out to Inflow and they are dragging their feet getting back to me.

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Brian,

          What type of data is being collected on that form? I have worked in many design departments and led departments that use key performance indicators (KPI). We have a dashboard that connects to a customer EPDM database and displays KPI data. Take a look at our site.


          TIm Webb CEPA



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              Brian Long

              Hi Tim, I think what you have is great, but it is a little much for what I am trying to accomplish here. I just need to create a simple form inside of EPDM that will place specified information in a spreadsheet so that we can see how many tasks have been opened in a specified period, how many are open vs. closed and track whether we are early, on-time or past due. Creating the dashboard is not that difficult of a task, but I am not fluent enough with setting this type of operation up. Thank you for your reply.