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SWDM-Could not get the lastest path name of components in assembly?

Question asked by Li Feng on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Li Feng

With the below code that from SW document manger API, we can get the path of every component in the assembly.

however, the path names are not the lastest ones but the path names saved last time.


For example, a assembly, with a few of components, saved in D drive. And I copy and paste the whole set of SW files to E drive, and then use this API to get the path names, it shows all the path names were remain in D drive. After using SW to open that assembly in E drive, rebuild and save, then use the SWDM API, we can see it lastest ones.


So the question is:  can I use the SWDM API get the lastest path names, without using the SW CAD platform to update ?