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Cut imported step solid failing, plane selects

Question asked by Tom Mallard on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Tom Mallard

Having to do threads manually using FreeCAD macro for a shape imported ok as a solid *.step file, displays properly & edges select to offset from & it does nothing no errors?? ... eval 2016 premium.


So ready with spec's from Mchry's Hndbk to do a helix with the max-min average diameters for the spec, this is 3d printing so I'm actually attempting to engineer the mo' fo' so it works no post-print processing or bust & this isn't elegant yet for workflow; the printer resolution is ± 0.01mm so Tolerance Class 6 for a typical M6 external.


Are there any excel macros to do this or ??? ... importing a step file that seems correct & hit a wall on a simple slice and not keep the screw head?


thx, frustrated a... tried mold tools & parting didn't work either yet a novice so no clue.