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[SOLIDWORK MOTION] Define reaction moment plot, where is zero moment point

Question asked by Hung Vu on Oct 5, 2015



i am trying to figure it out how to define the desired zero moment when plotting reaction motion in solidworkmotion


When i click show the graphical force representation, Solidworks showed me an arrow at some position which I cannot control or redefine that position.


Let say I have a long bar A fixed at ceiling.

A short bar B sliding underneath that. First, I mate bar B to bar A by a surface-to-surface mate, and second, I make a line-to-surface mate. Now, I want to find the moment acting  the "surface-to-surface" mate, which is essentially the moment to hold the bar B not tilting off from the ceiling. This moment has to be centralized at bar B. However, Solidworks has default zero moment point which is at other position that I cannot redefine. This leads to wrong moment measure


Could someone help me please