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    What information is saved in ConisioMasterDb ?

    Ben D.

      Say there are two different servers with different ePDM vaults:

      Server1 with VaultA (it will have databases VaultA and ConisioMasterDb)


      Server2 with VaultB (it will have databases VaultB and again ConisioMasterDb)

      If I want the Server1 to host both ePDM vaults, what would be the procedure? What kind of information is stored in both databases "ConisioMasterDb" ? What should be done with these databases in order to make both of these vaults work on the same machine?

      Thank you for advice

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hello Ben, there is a procedure outlined in the EPDM guide on how to shift EPDM components to another system.


          Basically the process would be:


          1) Back up Vault B (back up it's database, vault archives, archive server settings)

          2) Restore the vault database on server1, copy over it's archives, and load archive server settings

          3) You will have to change information in the vault dsatabase tables (ArchiveServers, SystemInfo) to point to the appropriate archive server and database server)

          4) You'll probably also have to change the registry for the new vault archive locations

          5) Finally, you'll either reinstall every client so it can point at Vault B's new location, or again go into the registry on each client and update to the new locations.


          Hope this helps. You should ask your VAR, as they may have documents with this info as well.


          Kind regards,