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Weldment Advantages

Question asked by Nicholas Augustyniak on Oct 4, 2015

Forgive my noob question...  But, what are the advantages of using weldments?  I have used them in the past for personal projects and ran simulation with them but will be working on a structural piece for a customer and was wondering if there are easy ways to model welds or if the weldment features in SW are the way to go.  I have a relatively simple frame but will be adding lots of custom shaped tabs, mounts and gussets/plates etc...  I was thinking about using weldments for the base frame and adding everything on but was wondering if there is really an advantage to doing so or just simply modeling the tubes individually is fine.  I am having trouble with my weldments folder in the Design Library which prompted the question.  I probably could have modeled half the frame already in the time I have taken trying to get them working.  I will also be running simulation on these parts at a later date which may help to answer this... 


Any suggestions are appreciated!