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    Treehouse 2015 - Nearly a great product?

    John Wayman

      I only found out that Treehouse 2015 existed last week. I was very excited about a piece of software that made the production of a model/drawing family tree simple, quick and straightforward.

      My excitement turned out to be short-lived, however, when I realised that it is basically no use for creating a model/drawing family tree, after all.

      The little box that shows each part contains all the necessary information and displays that information when you hover over the box. However, there seems to be no way of printing the tree. If you take a screenshot to use as a family tree drawing, none of the useful information shows up. So, for my assembly 'MCP1234-001', I just get a load of little pictures labelled 'MCP1234-0...'. There is a number in the top right of each picture telling me how many of each part the assembly uses (if the number is greater than 1), but nothing telling me what those parts are.




      On the other hand, I thought, I could use it to generate my BOM structure before I start modelling. So I did and, when I tried to export it to Solidworks, I got an error telling me it could not open a valid version of Solidworks, after it had opened what looked like a perfectly valid version of Solidworks to me...


      It's as much use as a chocolate teapot.


      Is it me? Am I just not doing it right? Have I got some essential option turned off or on? Or is it really just nearly useful, but not actually useful at all?


      SW2015, SP5.


      Note: I tried the same exercise in SW2016 PR1 and saw the same results.


      Please demonstrate that I am completely wrong and that it is a truly great addition to Solidworks!







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          Thomas Voetmann

          I was exited too when discovering Treehouse. I intended to use it to export assembly structure from existing complex assemblies.


          Anything more than rather simple assemblies makes it crash or produce a fatal error message.

          So - nice promises but unfortunately useless Treehouse.


          It would also be useful, if you could see external references.

          So I hope SW will continue on this product.


          And of cause I agree with Johns points.

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            John Stoltzfus

            Not sure either what all the hype was - but your comment made my day, just learned a new one "It's as much use as a chocolate teapot" lol  

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              Brian Stranyak

              We were notified of treehouse at our reseller's 2015 preview event. Never used it though.

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                  Rick McDonald

                  I learned about it first from the "What's New 2015" document that was out before the VAR Preview event in my area.

                  Then I went to the preview event and was even more excited, but had not yet tried it.

                  I was also excited as I am the Engineering Manager in my company that is in-charge of SW and everything related to it in my company.

                  I thought this would be Wonderful because our documentation structure stinks (actually that's not true - we don't have a real structure!).

                  I am trying to get our system organized and it is a fight (too many opinions that converge - none of the others having any formal or structured documentation background - except me - but it is a small company so they all have some say in the structure - sorry, I got on a tangent).

                  Then, when I installed and tried 2015 I tried to setup a simple structure for an existing product and after a few hours of frustration I gave up.

                  Never opened it again.

                  I have not seen any indication in the preview information for 2016 that there have been any changes made to TreeHouse. Maybe they fixed some things but doesn't look like it. Hope I am wrong because, if it worked well, it could be a real documentation enhancement.

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                  Bernie Daraz

                  My point of view is that Treehouse has the potential to help. I am a designer and I can conceptualize the build of a complex assembly so I could set that up in TH and then let my designers go to work. I can literally name the entire assembly tree, parts and drawings included. If I have custom properties I can enter then before I even start modeling and I can show where I want drawings made. Now my team can get to work on 'building' and documenting that assembly.