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Simple mates problems w/ CSWP.

Question asked by robert dattilo on Oct 2, 2015
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         I fortunately with a whole lot of effort passed segment 1 & 2 of the CSWP exam. I went to take segment 3 today, & things were going fairly well, then when asked to create

a simple 2 components sub assy., in attempting a couple of simple mates like concentric; yes concentric, it like wouldn't acknowledge the face's of these cylindrical parts. I wasn't sure what was going on but finally they would seemingly kick in after around 8 tries. I also tried the temporary axis mate, which didn't work as a substitute for concentric.  I knew I had width mates to do also & struggled through that. It seemed like I would grab one face for the width & it would input two before I had a chance to move to the next; it did this around 4 times, not just a fluke. The test seemed much easier than segment one but with this going on I couldn't get things done, or deal with the real problems that came up. 

        This is pretty crazy, & I can re-take the test on our subscriptions etc., but just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what might of happened before I try again? I used my own Assy. template, that I had successfully been using this week etc.


Thanks, for any input in advance;

Rob_D SW 2014 sp4.