Meredith Lewis

Same part number, multiple entries

Discussion created by Meredith Lewis on Aug 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by Wim Van Der Velden
I have a pneumatic fitting in which the pipe connector can rotatearound the main body of the fitting. I have created differentconfigurations in the model for each orientation I want to use. Theorientation of the pipe connector does not change the part numberso I have made the part number not configuration specific in theproperties.

Now I have got an assembly with two of these fittings, each one ina different orientation and therefore configuration, and when Icreate a BOM of the assembly I get an entry for each of these partsfor quantity one instead of one entry for quantity 2. If I put themin the same configuration I get one entry with quantity 2. Is itpossible to get them display as one entry if the parts are indifferent configurations? I am using Solidworks 2004.