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    Adding Permisions for Multiple Folders

    Bill Stadler

      I am creating a group that only has access to a 17 folders in our vault.  Do I really have to add the identical rights to each folder one by one? I tried Shift selecting but no luck.  That is 8 checkboxes x 17 along with verifying you check all the same in each.  Does anybody have a more efficient way of doing this?  Thanks.



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          S. Casale

          Place these folders under one parent folder.

          Set the rights to the parent folder.

          The sub-folders will take on the same rights.

               You may then customize each sub-folder to have less selective rights.

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              Bill Stadler

              Here in lies another problem.  They are already under a parent folder with over 500 other folders.  So the 17 folders are all set the way they need to be and now I have to remove the rights to the 500 other folders one by one.  Not only does this leave me wide open to missing settings but it also hammers the database when doing so.   It probably has to do with the amount of records, files, and folders we have in EPDM.  Versions included we have over 7.5 million records in the database.


              I was hoping to create a group and simply give them rights to the 17 folders and not the rest but because EPDM is driven by the parent this will not be doable in our case. I have a call into our VAR..

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                  Michael Marshall

                  I feel your pain, Bill.


                  We run in to this every now and then...we create ~1,200 Projects on an annual basis. Every once in a great while, a need is identified which is addressed by adding a new group. Since we create our Projects via Templates, and have very specific permissions established in the Templates on a Group-by-Group basis...when that need also includes for this new Group to have access to old Projects, you know what kind of a pain that is!


                  I've had a few people give suggestions that really don't pan out, because of the folder hierarchy and how we want certain permissions at the Project-level but not in the organizing folders above that level (which are tightly controlled so our vault doesn't become a disorganized mess like virtually every file share in existence). I know I'm not alone in that situation, either.


                  I will suggest that you check out Hawk Ridge Systems' "EPDM Folder Permissions Editor" from their Hawkware Professional page:


                  HawkWare - Professional | Get Prices and Download Today


                  In our "dynamic" environment, that thing has paid for itself several times over! There are a few quirks, particularly with how it orders Groups and permissions for modification, but you can get over those pretty easily, considering the power it gives you to modify the permission for a selection of folders for one or more Groups at one go.

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                      Bill Stadler

                      Thanks Michael!  Inflow is the VAR we use for EPDM and they are pretty resourceful in creating apps as well.  I was hoping I did not have to go down that road.  I checked out your link and unfortunately they do not have video for the "EPDM Folder Permissions Editor".  Will it allow me to easily set permission for a group to only see the 17 folders even thought the parent is set differently?  If so we may have a winner.

                      Thanks again.

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                  Bill Stadler

                  Hi Michael,


                  I talked with Kurt Lundstedt and he recommended I take a look at Hawk Ridge as well. I hooked up with them for a demo and it appears to be a pretty good tool.  We have run into another snag internally that we have to work out.


                  Thanks for you suggestion and support..