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Flow simulation on Boat

Question asked by Joseph Kim on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Andrei Popov


I am a Mech Eng student and I am only learning to use solidworks as I work through a number of projects in Uni.
Anyways, I have been looking all over the forum but it does not seem to have the question I need answered.
I am trying to calculate a drag force using the flow simulation on the boat. (a floating body)
I know it can easily calculate the force on bodies entirely submerged in water. But is it possible to calculate the force if the body is partially submerged in water?
Two phase fluid external flow can not be done with Solidworks(as I read somewhere), but would it be possible to calculate the force due to each fluid(air/water) separately and add them up?? (given I can figure out where the boat is submerged). I understand the results would not be accurate. However as long as I can get somewhat reasonable value, that will do for the current project I am doing.


Thanks in advance