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How can you make a functional pen-click mechanism in Solidworks?

Question asked by Justin Berelsman on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Nicholas Scharpen

I am trying to make a functioning pen-click mechanism in SolidWorks, but I have run into a wall. I have been unsuccessful at mating the components of the pen concentrically while also allowing the cam of the pent to correctly follow the mate. I have attempted to draw a 3-d sketch of the grooves that the cam follow, but again I have been able to make these components concentric. Is there a way to project the path so that I can make all of the components concentric as well? The pen is a mock-up of a Pilot Click pen if you would need a physical reference. I believe that I have everything modeled correctly, but the trouble lies within the assembly. I will attach the files, and I appreciate the help.


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