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Need to use a BOM on multiple sheets

Question asked by Jenkins Bobby on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2020 by Michael Goldberg

I know there have been previous posts on this, but still haven't found an answer to the question I have. I need to be able to have a BOM to a top level assembly on multiple sheets, and I need to make sure the item numbers are the same on both (otherwise this becomes a very manual and tedious process). Is there any way to do this, I know you can copy a sheet but if you re-order parts it doesn't seem to propagate to the copied sheet.  And from what I have seen so far you can only have one BOM linked to one in an assembly model.  I hope someone knows the answer to this problem, it would sure make shop files much nicer to make.


To answer the question I know is going to come up: Why do you need to have the same BOM on multiple pages?  Well, my assemblies get quite large and it is difficult to show the exploded view on a single sheet, it is also very difficult to break them down into logical sub-assemblies.