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Getting A Wire Harness To Follow A Specific Sketch Path

Question asked by Seth Wier on Oct 1, 2015

My company creates a lot of wire harnesses for mobile equipment.  We have been struggling trying to figure out how to get a wire harness to follow the EW sketch path exactly.  Sometimes it will bundle the wires and the route will come out fine like it is supposed to.  Other times the wires will "jump" out of the harness and route whatever way they feel like.  We have tried making EW sketch paths all the way from the C-points right from the connector.  This helps but even then you still have to edit the routes.  This could be very time consuming if you have to edit a very large routing assembly.  I only need the wires to come out of the bundle about 3 inches from each connector otherwise they should stay in a bundle like a harness would.  Has anyone else found any solutions to this problem?