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Length update in cut list

Question asked by Fernando Castellanos on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by Fernando Castellanos

Hey SW community,


I have a design table to drive the dimensions for a sketch that will be used as a weldment profile. I have various configurations inside this table.

The table has properties like: $prp@part number, $prp@description, $prp@drawnby, etc. and they all seem to work fine.

However, when I change the profile to another configuration it seems that the length property does not update correctly and gives me a different number (sometimes the thickness of the material, other times the width of the sketch).


So for example, the design table drives the sketch for a flat bar. I have three configurations inside this table: 10 x 3mm, 15 x 3mm and 20 x 5mm.

When I draw the sketch for the path, I give it a dimension of 100mm. I use the 10 x 3mm weldment profile and it creates the profile.

I go into the cut list properties and the length is indeed 100mm and the description and part number are as expected.

But when I change the profile to the 15 x 3mm, it creates the profile but now the length property is either 15 or 3mm (not 100mm how it should be).

The part number updates and so does the description but the length gets messed up.


I should note that the properties (description, part number, etc.) get put into the "configuration specific" tab in the summary information window. I wonder if they should be in "custom". If they should be, can anyone please let me know how to write the excel table so that the properties get put into the custom tab?


Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!