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Adding connectors to cables in line diagragm, keeping from-to info

Question asked by Kevin Vaughan on Oct 1, 2015

I have a system of assemblies, each assy has a detail schematic covering all the parts and wires internal to the "box".  How do I show a system level interconnect cable assy?

I would like to capture the from-to information, cable type, and connector information for each cable.  The cabling tool will capture from to information for each conductor in the cable core, but no place for me to show the connector on the cable.


example - assy #1 has connectors J1 - J10, each connector could be a different type, either single coax connector or multipin connector. If I do cables on a line diagram, I can select the assy of the circuit, but I cannot add connectors to the cable.


If I do a cable drawing, I can fully detail the cable with cable type and connectors & pins,  but lose the interconnect information. 


I think what I need to do is make a system level schematic, with each box drawn as a symbol with its connectors represented as single connection point circuits.  Then a wire connects each assy and a wire list is created with the from to information.  Then create individual cable drawings fully detailed - these cable drawings will have no association with the system schematic however.


SWE needs a encapsulation method to make sub-circuits with IO points so you can do this type of nested assy.