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EPDM Dispatch remembers runtime variables?

Question asked by Thomas Horst on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Lukasz Rybacki

I have a dispatch action in EPDM that is set up to fire on a state transition, and fill in the Sales order and line item number of all the parts transitioned, if they aren't already populated.


The first time it runs into one that isn't populated, it will put up two dialog prompting for the numbers. on all subsequent ones, it should just fill in the number it was already given. As it loops through the files, it checks if the variable is blank, and if not, skips over, and also checks if the runtime variables for the line and SO number already exist (if they have, it uses them, if not, it prompts).


I've run into a strange behavior where it seems that after running it the first time, it seems to remember forever what was entered into the runtime variables from previously, and not prompt even when it finds the first blank value on this run. It just fills it with the same thing I input on the first test run without prompting.


Is there a way I can set all runtime variables to NULL each time the script starts? I would have assumed it did this by default for runtime vars. Is this a glitch, or intended behavior?