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    Sketch Line End Point won't mate to angled plane

    Daen Hendrickson


      I am using SW2014 SP5.


      I am trying to add a sketch relations between the end point of a line and a plane OTHER than the sketch plane. If the plane is NORMAL to the sketch plane there is no issue. But if the other plane is at a non-normal angle, SW won't allow. I have never noticed this before.


      One work around is to create an axis at the intersection of the two planes and then add a sketch relation to the axis. But why the need for the intermediate reference geometry. You could also create a 3D sketch... but again that seems a cludge.


      Is this a limitation or am I just not seeing the obvious?


      The screen shot shows two line segments sketch on the top plane. Plane1 is at 75° to the top plane. I would like to add a sketch relation (coincident) so that the shared line endpoint is on Plane1.