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Can General Table cell value accuracy be changed?  Trailing zero will not show

Question asked by Dave Krum on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by Dave Krum

Good morning All,

I created a general table on a drawing and would like to make a simple additional column next to an existing one.  When I make an equation for that column, the trailing zero is not appearing.  Since I like to be consistent, I had to manually key in the values on the new column since I cannot get the zero to appear.  See below for clarity.  All I need to do is add 6 to the value in the column to the left of it.  When I make the equation by selecting the given column, then keying in " +6 ", the number appears correctly in the new column but there is no zero (I want it to appear as 20.50 instead of 20.5).  I checked off the precision in the equation dialog box to two place decimal accuracy but it changes nothing (see second below snip).  Even tried changing the dimensions / table trailing zero to "show" in Options and this changes nothing.  Can this cell value precision not be changed?  I saw some posts on here from over 5 years ago concerning this and back then, it was considered a glitch I believe so I assumed it was fixed.  Thanks.