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Potential Problems w/ Avecto Defendpoint Software

Question asked by Stephen Reed on Sep 30, 2015

This is just an FYI for SolidWorks EPDM users.  Our corporate IT department pushed out an install of Avecto Defendpoint Software overnight and forced a restart. Now our EPDM vault users are having access problems. Uninstalling Avecto clears up the problem.  It appears to cause a couple problems (see screenshot of error window) one being "Failed to register the COM DLL".  I am just a SolidWorks/EPDM user, not an expert in this area.  I do know this; yesterday everything worked fine, this morning my PC had been restarted, Avecto Defendpoint force installed, now I can't access the vault.  This may not effect everyone the same so this is just an FYI.





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