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    Potential Problems w/ Avecto Defendpoint Software

    Stephen Reed

      This is just an FYI for SolidWorks EPDM users.  Our corporate IT department pushed out an install of Avecto Defendpoint Software overnight and forced a restart. Now our EPDM vault users are having access problems. Uninstalling Avecto clears up the problem.  It appears to cause a couple problems (see screenshot of error window) one being "Failed to register the COM DLL".  I am just a SolidWorks/EPDM user, not an expert in this area.  I do know this; yesterday everything worked fine, this morning my PC had been restarted, Avecto Defendpoint force installed, now I can't access the vault.  This may not effect everyone the same so this is just an FYI.





      SolidWorks 2015

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