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    Beth Borchardt

      I am looking for suggestions on what animation software to use for my Solidworks models.  I need to animate machines and products for customer presentations.  I find the SolidWorks animations hard to control. 



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          Deepak Gupta

          What kind of animation you would be looking for to generate?

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              Beth Borchardt

              The company I work for makes packaging machines.  I need to show product flow of product along conveyors and then loading the machine.  The one I was trying I need to move the product along a conveyor and turn it in one section.  I need some instruction in basic animation.  any suggestions on a class or book on the basics.  I tried  you tube video but did not get very far.

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                  Rob Rodríguez

                  It really depends on how detailed the animations need to be and weather or not you need photo realistic capability.  What you are describing can be done with SolidWorks animation tools and the new mate controller in 2016 would be helpful to you. 


                  The SolidWorks animation tools are fairly simple to use so if you are finding them difficult I think you'll also find other animation software difficult.  There are pros and cons to using other software for animation.  To be able to do detailed animations of SolidWorks files you'd have move to something like 3D Studio or Modo or Maya.  You could try Composer but I personally would not.  Either way creating these types of animations is a fair amount of work and it will take some time to get the hang of it.


                  You should look at the SolidWorks Animation Step By Step Guide Creating Animations with SolidWorks Step-by-Step Book | SolidWorks Merchandise Store


                  I also have some free stuff at my website that covers animation   http://www.axiscadsolutions.com/downloads/