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    Calculating time

    Vaclovas Kyguolis

      Hello, I am not a Solidworks user, but I am doing research of Solidworks simulation possibilities. And I have one question. Can Solidworks calculate how much time takes to get water frozen in underground vessel? I have some input data like water temperature and characteristics, vessel material characteristics, soil characteristics and air (above soil) temperature (negative). So the real life situation is underground fire reservoir at winter time. The temperature of soil will slowly go down, until the temperature of water in vessel gets 0 C (32F). And I need to know that time. Can this situation be simulated on Solidworks simulation (or maybe flow simulation)? Thank you for your answers, and sorry for my broken English.

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          Wojciech Paterski


          I can't say anything about simulation.

          But last year when there was whole hype with ice buckets, I've seen someone did simulation in SW, with throwing ice cubes to water, and it was showing how long it took the water to lower temperature by amount of degrees etc, and how that changes spread all over the water.

          So judging by that I think you can do it  - it just might need a lot of preparations.


          have a look at this:

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