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Controlling a Feature Suppression Based on Configuration

Question asked by Michael Ferraro on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by Andrew Deboer

Good Afternoon All,


I am working on a part file and wanted to automate the suppression state of a feature based on a dimension and the configuration of the file. The file does not have a Design Table and was actually hoping to avoid creating one if at all possible.


The current working equation is as follows:


"LPattern1" = IIF ("CPI"=1, "suppressed","unsuppressed")


with CPI being a global variable within that part file.


However due to the geometry of the part file, this part has a flat pattern configuration. Furthermore, in that configuration, "LPattern1" needs to be suppressed and added back into the part after the flatten has occurred or SolidWorks barks at it.


is there anyway to modify the equation to be something like the following:


"LPattern1" = IIF ("CPI"=1 OR sw.config="DefaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN", "suppressed","unsuppressed")


I haven't really been able to find anything elsewhere, and just right clicking on the equation and specifying which configurations seems to not be working.


Thanks in advance,