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How the heck do you change the detail circle font size?!

Question asked by Chris Canterbury on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by Kelvin Lamport

SWX 2015 x64 makes me want to quit my job.  The ways in which it stopped working are numerous, and despised.


One of my most recurrent issues is changing the detail circle font size.  I used to do it in the document options for that template.  Now, when i do that, it simply goes back to whatever it was, ignoring what I input.  WTF?  It does not seem to matter if I'm working on a template or a drawing, SWX simply does what it wants.  Most of the time.


Usually I untick the use document font tickbox and change the size that way.  Often that works (but not always), and it takes extra time I do not have.


SWX 2015 has now superseded windows 95 as my most detested program of all time (I avoided vista).