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How do I force load solidworks property settings?

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Eric Blankinship

Hello,  I am currently having an issue working with SolidWorks 2012 and wondering if anyone knows a less cumbersome work around.  My company has been recently trying to switch from downloading our drawing templates from a database in .DRWDOT format to having the formats inside of the pickable templates inside solidworks when launching a new drawing.  Due to our company using some custom properties beyond normal ANSI format we have our Format ANSI-Modified2 saved and this does not automatically attach to .slddrt file format so when new drawings are created people simply open the size they want and then load then pick the ANSI-Modified2 format from the list.


This works great for the most part but there is a small glitch we are noticing when working this way.  The Detail views we have to show up as dashed lines in both the profile that it originates from and also the final location of the view.  This setting works fine when the document is loaded from .drwdot as the format and drawing template get loaded together.  The problem is even though the ANSI-Modified2 document has this setting setup correctly when a new file is launched from the pick able templates and the document format is loaded in it does not apply this particular setting.  Now once someone goes into the setting and looks as view labels detail view it will show the setting to show up as dashed line.  Once this has been viewed and exit out of the settings without changing anything it applys the proper setting to the drawing.


So to make a long story short is there a way to force scan the properties upon loading a new drawing so that will apply the settings of ANSI-Modified2 to the drawing without having to manually go into individual system settings and look at the setting for it to apply it.  My main concern is that this my be happening to multiple settings and this is the only one we've noticed it on.  Will add some pictures below to better illustrate the issue