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Fixing surface gaps in order to make solid

Question asked by Zeke Sudbury on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2015 by Thomas Voetmann



I need to create a solid model of a Shelby Cobra . I found an open source IGS file. My plan was to make a solid by importing the file, closing off open areas with surface fills (wheel wells, undercarriage, cockpit, etc), knit the surfaces together, and then "Try to form solid" or use the "Cut with Surface" feature on an extruded solid block.


When I made the surface fills, I drew curves as guide lines and used adjacent edges. This is my first experience with surfaces, and I'm having an incredibly difficult time getting rid of these gaps. I would greatly appreciate some help.


I've attached two files. "AC Cobra.IGS" is the original open source file. "AC Cobra scaled" is my version with the surface fills.