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notification about design tables

Discussion created by Ben D. on Sep 27, 2015

I have just been working on an issue with design tables for a couple of hours, and found the solution. Let this post be a little note to other users, who may face the same problem, because I didn't find anything similar in the forum.


So: I created a part with a few hundred configurations. At a certain point of working, these "strange" things began to happen:

  • design table had value of global variable, called "radius", equal to "3" at certain configuration. But it appeared as "20" under "Equations" folder and also in the sketch
  • after opening the "Global variables" editor, there were even more mysterious behavior: after opening that window, the value of that global variable was instantly changing to the correct value from the design table. But the equations below did not update: global variable "radius" was 3 there, but "dimension = radius" was not updating (it was still "20") when automatic update was enabled. Pressing "Rebuild" manually was updating the values.
  • Sometimes a yellow triangle of warning was there in the global variables tab. It said that order of dimensions was incorrect. Enabling automatic solve order didn't actually change anything, but only removed the warning sign.
  • An empty error message was appearing once in a while


The values in the design table were correct to build the appropriate geometry. There were no circular loops in values of variables or dimensions.


The solution that helped me was changing types of all fields in excel design table from "Global" to "Text", and removing the "equal sign" = which was before numeric values. After doing this all started working as it should have.


Hope this might be helpful