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Why is Accelerated Render in color, and Non-accel Render in Black and White?

Question asked by Daniel Lyons on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by James Glover

I am using a motion study to produce an animation video which I would like to have rendered, but I cannot use "accelerated rendering" because the complexity of the assembly causes components to break apart and fly off into space. I think this is due to the use of some flexible subassemblies, but that is besides the point. Accelerated rendering produces video with colors that are exactly what I'd expect to see. However, when I select "No" when prompted whether or not to use accelerated rendering, the assembly stays intact as desired in the animation video but the video is all Black and White! See comparison screenshots taken from the actual videos themselves. How can I make NON-accelerated rendering produce a video that is in COLOR?