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Copying .sldrw file properties to .pdf child file in the PDMWorks Vault

Question asked by Greg Van Arsdale on Aug 21, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2007 by 1-5MPX2J
We have models with many configurations.

Each configuration is assigned its own dash number.
("Number" config specific file property...)

We make an individual drawing for each configuration.

We have multi-sheet drawings.

Sheet 1 is our internal Product Definition. It contains all the details and tolerances for manufacture.

Sheet 2 is our Customer Outline. It's contents are tailored to that target audience.

We print each sheet to an individual .pdf.

We check the .pdf files into the PDMWorks Vault as children of the drawing file.

Then we enjoy the painstaking task of copying the file properties from the drawing file, to the 2 .pdf property cell at a time.

This can be quite time consuming.

Is there a way to copy all of a SW file's properties to one or more non-SW files in the vault in a single command or dialog?

Has anyone been successful in creating a macro for this niche need ?

Could somebody coach me on how to create a macro to do this ?

Thanks in advance for any help with this topic.

SW and PDMWorks 2006 sp5.1