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How do I project a whole body/feature on a plane?

Question asked by Georgios Mavrikas on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Greg Polymerou

  I have two cylindrical holes in random directions in a body and I would like to create a sketch on another plane (see 1st attached .png), containing the projections of those 2 cylindrical holes, without using the "Convert Entities" tool.

  In a more general sense, if there are 2 bodies in a document, how can I get the normal projection of one body's layout, on a plane of the other body (see 2nd attached .png)? Imagine it like the layout of the shadow of the one, on a plane of the other body.

  (Or even like the "Hidden Lines Visible" in Drawing environment, but resulting on a sketch in the Part environment.)


Is there a specific tool doing it apart from the 2D/3D Convert Entities? For example, can I do this with the "Projected Curve" tool, but instead of a curve, to project the whole body's layout?


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