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    How do I recover a corrupt P-Point ?

    Morris Stevens

      I have a presentation of the problem, and I read the other thread about it and tried to download the presentation up through Open Office and it failed. Does anyone else have any ideas as it is extremely important to me ! Advise pptx viewer for damaged filesof microsoft.

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          J. Mather

          I don't understand the question?


          By P-Point do you mean Microsoft PowerPoint?  This is SolidWorks forum.


          Open Office?  Is that a Microsoft product?  Is that a SolidWorks product?


          I suspect you are asking questions in the wrong forum - can you elaborate on your problem description?  (please write out all text to avoid confusion in meaning) 


          You state that you, "...read other thread".  Provide reference url.

          You state that you, "...tried to download...".  Please provide all reference urls.