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Beginner's Questions about Applying Symmetry Restraints

Question asked by John Willett on Sep 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2015 by John Willett

These questions apply to planar symmetry of solid assemblies (multiple parts) in SW Premium 2015 SP4.0.  For sake of argument, suppose I have an assembly (and its loads and restraints) that is symmetrical about two of the the three principal planes.  One of the symmetrical quarters is illustrated here:

Quarter of Body.jpg

Question 1:  I produced this quarter-solid from a previously designed full solid using an assembly extruded cut.  Is there some more automated way to cut an assembly down to one symmetrical fragment, for example simply by referencing the planes of symmetry?


The easiest way to apply symmetry restraints for simulation in the above model seems to be to place a "Fixtures/Advanced Fixtures.../Symmetry" in the study tree and then list the planar surfaces to which symmetry should be applied.  I presume that all six of the cut faces must be listed, although the yellow preview that I get suggests that a minimum of two (one on each symmetry plane) will do, as illustrated here:

Quarter of Body Preview.jpg

Question 2:  Is this preview deceptive in that all six cut faces must indeed be listed?


Question 3:  Is there some automated way of checking that the symmetry restraints are valid in that they actually re-constitute the entire body?  Is the yellow preview -- specifically the appearance of the fourth quarter opposite the original, in addition to the two quarters across their respective symmetry planes -- sufficient verification?


(I recall that, for cyclic symmetry applications, the approved test was to circular-pattern the segment and verify that the pattern could be merged into a single body.  I suppose I might do something like that in this case too, although this is an assembly, not a single part...) -- John Willett