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Possible to refer back to dxf filename that was used for insertion when starting a 3d part from 2d file?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Sep 26, 2015
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Good morning everyone,

Quick question regarding the insertion of dxf files to begin a part from.  I have several dxf files from a customer which I in turn insert into a top plane to begin making a 3d part from (see 2nd snip).  After the extrusion and chamfers, etc. (see 3rd snip), is there a way to return to the original 2d sketch that everything was made from and still be able to see the original filename of the dxf - I see no reference mentioning the original dxf filename when I RMB on the sketch's properties that was used (see 4th snip)?  I'm not sure this can be done and not even sure what to search for on the web.  Just curious about this one, reason being that with all the files, it would be nice to go back after everything is done with the part modeling to confirm the correct part was picked from list in first place (if you have a large group of files in same folder (see first snip) and they are all very similar in shape), just a slight difference in dims.  Thanks in advance.