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    Rx benchmark shows better CPU but slower rendering results

    Wojciech Paterski

      Would someone be able to explain my home desktop vs work machine Rx results?

      this are my workstation results:

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      It's i7-4790k, quadro k5200 and 32gb ddr3.


      And those are results of my new home desktop:

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      I have i7-6700k, gtx 960 and 16gb ddr4.


      Now I know why graphics is such a big difference - quadro vs gtx.


      But can't understand why rendering is almost 2times slower. I always tought that rendering in SW PW360 is only based on CPU - and I can clearly see that my cpu is better (not much).

      So why is rendering time that much of a difference - does the graphic card help in rendering or not?


      Also would it make difference that work machine resluts are from SW2014 and home results are from SW2016 (pre-release1) ?

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          Ron Bates

          I can't see the images, so not entirely sure hwich one is faster or slower...


          But you should realize that it's not simply CPU clock speed, but number of cores.  And it's not just PHYSICAL cores, but virtual/hyperthreaded cores as well.


          My guess is that you have hyperthreading disabled on the the slower one.  So you likely only have 4 threads running on that machine.  Where as you have hyperthreading enabled on the faster machine giving you 8 render threads.


          Just bring up task manager and see how many CPU bars show in Performance tab.

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              Wojciech Paterski

              oh, sorry not sure what's wrong with pictures, I can see them (but maybe because I've added them).

              on rx it shows:

              workstation with i7-4790k 32gb ddr and quadro k5200: graphics - 9.7sec, processor - 27.3sec, I/O - 18.0sec, (Overall - 55.0sec), rendering 16.0sec, RealView - 18.1 sec.


              my home desktop with i7-6700k 16gb ddr4 and gtx 960: graphics - 15.2sec, processor - 25.7sec, I/O - 16.0sec (Overall - 57.0sec), rendering 30.8sec, RealView - none as it's not quadro.


              So I'm surprised why it's such a big difference in rendering results where it actually it's faster on processor and I/O and as far as I know GPU doesn't take any job in rendering in PhotoView 360.


              Also I do have hyperthreading on it does show 8 processors.


              Another strange thing is I was doing small render in work today so I took exactly the same file home, and actually it was faster. work was 13min42s, and home was 12min2s.


              That's why I can't understand results from Rx Benchmarks. - I'm just curious.