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Pack and Go, Save to Folder Select and Replace Crashes Solidworks

Question asked by Brad Zalischuk on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Steve Staehle

I am trying to pack and go an assembly to a new location, but keep part of the tree structure.


For example:


The current location of the assembly is: I:\Projects\Company1\15000\Design Mechanical\Packer\(Different Folders Inside that)


I want it to end up in: I:\Projects\Company2\16000\Design Mechanical\Packer\(Different Folders Inside that)


What it goes to it:


I:\Projects\Company2\16000\Design Mechanical\Packer\(Different Folders Inside that)\Projects\Company1\15000\Design Mechanical\Packer\(Different Folders Inside that)


Basically it puts the entire tree structure inside the new job folder.


So I have tried to do a select and replace the "Projects\Company1\15000\Design Mechanical\Packer\" with nothing and it crashes my solidworks every time. I have tried many different ways, such as replacing it with one word, replacing it with another string of folders. The only thing that wont crash is if I dont have backslashes in there, but then it replaces some of the folders I don't want replaced. It seems that the "\" is crashing solidworks.


Has anyone ever ran into this problem before?