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Flattening out a curved rubber in-lay / embedded entity for drafting purposes

Question asked by Gol Swaboda on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Deepak Gupta



I have cut out an opening on a curved surface - around this opening I have decided to have a rubber frame.

In the image below you can see that I have already prepared the in-lay space in which the rubber frame will sit:




Next thing I did was create the rubber frame and set it as a separate body in the part file:




Visually this works - but later on when I have to send out drafting specs I would like to have the rubber frame be flattened out.


Does SolidWorks have an automated feature in which I can flatten these kind of parts out or must I do the math manually for this sort of thing. I suspect the very nature of the way I build the frame is at fault here - as there should be a way to slap a flat entity on a surface and have it hug the contour.


Any input would be appreciated