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Miter flange propegate

Question asked by James Smith on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by Sven-Erik Nilsson

I am trying to use the miter flange function but do not seem to be winning.

I have a three sided box, whcih i constucted by creating a line, and using the base flange function creaitng a thin plate. I then used the miter flange function to creat three sides of 100mm. This worked ok. (see pic 1)

Im then trying to create smaller lips on the three other edges whcih will sit on a frame. I have drawn the profile on the vertical and it creates the lip on one edge but when i select the propegate function or the other edges it doesn not create the lips on two of the edges. (pic 2) Although it allows me to select them it will not create them......

Any ideas ??