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    Property tab usage in new drawing

    Peter De Vlieger

      Make a new drawing. Don't save.


      Fill out the corner with your property tab built custom properties.


      Make sure to fill something in all provided fields, especially description. Use the APPLY button to make sure it's all good.

      Now save drawing and you may notice that whatever you filled in for description is removed in the custom properties window.

      Now print and you'll see that it also gets removed from the drawing.


      Solution, as soon as you make a new drawing, save it before doing anything else.

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          John Stoltzfus

          Not quite sure what your work flow is doing this, are you wanting to delete the description and add new?? 


          I never did learn or had a need on how to setup the drawing custom properties, all my custom properties are inserted at the part or assembly level using Custom Property Tab Builder...

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              Peter De Vlieger

              At times it can happen that I have to make lots of little drawings.

              In which case I start the drawing

              fill out the date, name, company it's for, description (= clarification of object of drawing) etc

              and then save


              However it seems that is wrong (as I proved in my original post)

              the right way is start an empty drawing, save it first and then fill out the title corner

              It's not a big deal, just something I found peculiar because to me it's unlogical to save something that is basically an empty sheet.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  Do you use Custom Property Tab Builder for your parts or assemblies?? 


                  Here I prepare all my project info in a "New" custom property tab builder, which covers everything except a few variables such as description, size, CNC program number and some other fields we use.  So after I have completed my initial design and am ready to insert the individual assemblies and parts in a drawing, I'll open the top assembly and click on the assembly or part and type or select my variable fields and input the information. 


                  Then when I drop the assemblies/parts in the drawings all my fields are populated and the drawing is ready to dimension etc...  After the drawings come back from checking and approval I run the Task Scheduler with the dates and initials that are required.  Then after our initial prototype is manufactured we apply any changes that are needed and bump the Revision from 01 to A and again that is done with the task scheduler.. 


                  I would be happy to send you a sample drawing and tab builder file if you want.....

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                S. Casale

                Are you using this with EPDM?