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Large Assembly Massive Slowdown Headache

Question asked by Simon Johnstone on Sep 23, 2015

Hello to everyone.


I have a headache in I am working on a project to try and help a lot of people that I have wanted to work on for 32 years, but I also have a very limited budget for equipment. I have 2 main issues below.  BTW I am using SW 2014 / 2015 Student Edition.


1.  I am currently using a HP Z820 16 Core system, 32 GB Ram and Quadro 4000 GPU.  My issue is my assembly is pretty big I think, 431,666 Parts and my system is running like a snail on the GPU side making the model more or less impossible to move (This assembly is also 1 tenth to 100th the size I really want to do too)  even with everything set to performance over detail, and even when many of the parts are hidden.  For this assembly my system is using about 5.7GB Ram and about 3 to 6% CPU power.   I usually like to keep with Nvidia so I can use my 3D pro glasses, but I am sure I  more need a faster GPU setup.  So does anyone have any suggestions that I can do for around $500 or less.   Maybe a Tesla Card? Quadro 5000 in SLI? or would it make more sense for me to go with a AMD GPU with more ram?  Note that I tried to change setting to render in software but it will not let me make the change. Suggestions please.


2.  My other issue is Rendering.   The above Assembly is always out of memory when I try to Use Photoview 360 or Keyshot 5.  It sucks that I need more than 32GB, and sucks even more that both programs seem to want to waste Ram with hidden parts  (a lot of times they need displaying though so not always hidden.)  I have tried making large Page files, but that does not help either.   So I am thinking I should upgrade the Ram, but will an additional 32GB be enough?


Any suggestions you can offer are greatly appreciated.SW Slow Issue.png