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Circuitworks component library

Question asked by Mark Babel on Sep 23, 2015

I need some help from you about using database library in circuitworks 2014. I have two questions:


1.How can I edit several components at once- components that have the same PART file,

  but each have a different part number?

2.How can I manage the files using an SQL server database? (not SQLITE DATABASE)


Our electric engineers have a very large database of electronic components.

In сircutworks components library hundreds of components can be attached

to a single solidworks model. For example components with case 0204 or 0603.

We use "priority database system" (SQL SERVER). Currently I can filter

component by "provider" and by "size of case" , after this I need to attach a

list of components to a single solidworks part, or for specific configuration

on the solidwork file.


Would you please help to do this correctly?