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Problems with Hertz contacts.

Discussion created by Jose Antonio Vazquez Ares on Aug 20, 2007
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Hello everybody,

I had a problem with the stress calculation of a hydrodynamicbearing shell. I tried to obtain the stress in the supporting shelland contact pressure distribution over the antifriction surface ina static study (were I supposed the bearing supporting only theweight of the shaft) but I obtained two different results for thiscalculation. One of them (that I expected to be the good one) givethe contact pressure distribution with a maximum in the contactline between the shaft and the bearing surface, and the other givesthe maximum in other point of the bearing (were initially there wasno contact). I obtained randomly this two kinds of results (I saythat because I obtained the two results by running the study 4 or 5times changing only the position of the shaft in the assembly toleft it as there was initially) using the SW2007 OfficeProfessional 32 bit running in a P4 @ 3.0 GHz and I don't know why,but the worst come right now because we change the computer (as itwas very slow) to a Pentium Core 2 Quad 6600 with the Windows XPx64 to use the SW2007 64 bit also and I couldn't obtain "thegood result" again.

Could anybody tell me if COSMOS have any limitation in thestudies using Hertz contacts? Does the COSMOS solver support thiskind of contacts? Why I can't reach "the good result"again with the 64 bit edition?

Any suggestion will be well received.

Best Regards

P.D.- I attach some pictures of the result so you can see theexplained problem better.