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Install Prompt on Startup

Question asked by Jacob Bonning on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by Win Lai

So I have been in an Engineering program at my high school for a couple of years and one of the  benefits of that is that I get a copy of SolidWorks student edition at home.  Last year I used SolidWOrks 2014 edition at home extensively and it was a great help.  This year I got a new product licence so that I could upgrade to 2015 edition.  My teacher reccommended that instead of following the "upgrade" method when installing the new version I should altogether uninstall 2014 edition.  I followed through with that and then made a new install of 2015 edition.  The problem is that now, every time I open my computer, it begins to install solidworks 2014 edition.  But after it tries for a minute it just says that it cant find the needed files and I can close it out.  As someone who uses a computer a lot it is incredibly annoying to have to do this ever y time.  How do I stop this?????  Inside of my documents there is a folder titled "Solidworks"  With an application titled "setup" inside but if I try to delete either it says "file cannot be found".  Any thoughts?????