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Workgroup PDM Report Not Showing Data

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Sep 22, 2015

I am using SW2014 SP5.


I am trying to understand the behavior of the reporting tool in Workgroup PDM on a particular assembly.


  • My assembly has two configurations. The configurations simply suppress some components.
  • The reporting results are the same through the SW Vault View or SW Explorer
  • This assembly only has one revision: -+ (Latest)
  • Setting the Report:Output Window Options: Config: to [None Selected] shows all of the components also shown in the vault view under the assembly.
  • However, setting the Report:Output Window Options: Config: to either of the two configurations in the assembly eliminates all components from the report.
    • Only the top level assembly is shown.
  • Opening the assembly in SW and reviewing both configurations shows the proper components.
    • Yes, my local files are current with the vault.
    • I do not have ownership (nor does anyone else)
  • A "sister" assembly with many common components and identical structure reports correctly.
  • The troubled assembly is also a copy of an older assembly. That older assembly reports correctly.
  • We also have an API routine for pulling assembly component info into a database. This API also pulls in ZERO components when either of the configurations are selected.
    • So it would appear that the report generator and the API both have the same opinion of the assembly.


Any thoughts? Am I missing the obvious? Note: I've been away from WPDM for a couple of years.


Your input is appreciated.