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Question asked by Keith Rutter on Sep 23, 2015
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I would like to set up my tool box items to have a part ID automatically so they appear this way in my BOM. As well as be able to select the proper part ID from the Property Manager instead of choosing the thread and size and having to manually give this part a name every time.


For example, If I pull in a "Hex Nut 1972" from the Tool Box into my assembly, The property manager gives me a few choices. One of these is for a part number, which is unassigned.

We use PEM nuts/studs in our tool box which already have part ID numbers assigned to them and we can easily choose the part ID at this point to select the needed item. I would like to do this with all items in the tool box.


Is this something I would need to add manually piece by piece, or is there a way to assign part ID's much quicker to the masses?