Ted Hyde

FeatRqst: eDrawings for WM5/6?

Discussion created by Ted Hyde on Aug 18, 2007
Greets - any chance of getting a mobile version of eDrawings,particularly for the Windows Mobile 5 /6 platform? (Of course, itwould likely have to run under .net 2.0)

I've recently moved from carrying laptop (Win XP w SW and eDwgs,and.....) plus my phone, and HP PDA, and, and,and.....to my newAT&T Blackjack. Wow. I'm a tech nut, and I've waited this longto actually get mobile. Just the ability to reliably get mobileemail in the form of PDFs and Office dox has impressed mesufficiently. Realistically, I wouldn't want to create or edit CADfiles on a smartphone, but reviewing them would be outstanding.
CADSoftTools has entry for DWG/DXF viewing, but it's designed forPPC, no smartphone screens....

I'm curious if anyone else would find mobile abilities useful,. soI've dropped a poll at the top/above: